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Профессиональные расширения для превосходной системы управления контентом (CMS) под названием Joomla!

GMaps Module

DD GMaps Module

A Joomla! module to display Google Maps. Addon Module for DD Gmaps Locations. Module can also be used as stand alone module.

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Main Features:

  • Google Maps module
  • Map in Popup (full size PopUp)
  • Validate a single addresses via the backend (geocoding of the address)
  • Google Maps v3 integration (API key connection possible) Integrated Google JavaScript API and Geocoding API
  • Adjustable map size, position and zoom level
  • Customizable markers, cluster markers and info box (PopUp by click on map)
  • Support all major web browsers
Addon Features for DD Gmaps Locations Component:
  • Locations Linked to the map
  • Profile pages liked to the map (markers and info boxes)
  • Extends list layout to display multiple locations

and much more...

Errors and technical modification subject to change.

System requirements

PHP 5.6.13 or newer is recommended.
Joomla 3.x ready Joomla! 3x ready

Available on GitHub Support

Note: Use GitHub only if you know how to link packages.
Download is already linked to the latest stable version of the module package installer compilation.