Payment and dispatch

The following terms and conditions apply:

Dispatch conditions

Delivery of download items:
Supply of download products: Download products (digital content which is not supplied on a physical data carrier) do not incur shipping costs.

The customers can download the Download items in their customer accounts.
This Download is provided within 24 hours after placing the order (in case an advance payment has been agreed upon, after the payment authorisation).
The customers are also informed about the provision via email.

Accepted Payment options

Payment via PayPal
Payment via PayPal Plus (credit card, direct debit, invoice) 

Our bank account:

Bankverbindung: Raiffeisenbank Buch-Eching eG
IBAN: DE15 7436 9662 0000 0421 10

In case of questions, please contact us at the contact details mentioned in the Legal Notice.