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Developer Bar - PRO-Version Developer Bar - PRO-Version
A shopware plugin with agency branding for hosted staging solutions with development sites under subdomains. Directory protection information, PHP version and Shopware version info for development sites.
€19.00 * Shopware
AcyUnsubscribe [ Alpha ] AcyUnsubscribe [ Alpha ]
Overrides the AcyMailing unsubscribe function to trigger unsubscribe from any list directly after unsubscribe Link action and wihtout the acy confirm steps.
€0.00 * Joomla!
SocialShare [ Alpha ] SocialShare [ Alpha ]
A Joomla! Backend component for EU Privacy conform social sharing. Content (com_content) social push / social auto share.
€0.00 * Joomla!
Admin Redirect Admin Redirect
A Joomla! System Plugin to redirect backend users after login to a specific backend URL
€10.25 * Joomla!
Joomla Shell Installer Joomla Shell Installer
A shell script to install Joomla directly from the command line.
€0.00 * ShellScript
GMaps Module (EU Privacy) GMaps Module (EU Privacy)
A Joomla! module to display Google Maps. Addon Module for DD Gmaps Locations. Module can also be used as stand alone module.
From €0.00 * Joomla!
YouTube Video (EU Privacy) YouTube Video (EU Privacy)
A Joomla! content plugin to add YouTube Videos inside an article (EU Privacy).
From €0.00 * Joomla!
Disable Bootstrap Disable Bootstrap
Disable Bootstrap is a reliable and extendable Joomla! system plugin for template developers to disable Bootstrap from the front end!
€20.51 * Joomla!
Disable jQuery Disable jQuery
Disable jQuery is a Joomla! system plugin for developers to disable jQuery in the frontend!
€20.51 * Joomla!
Disable MailTo Disable MailTo
Disable MailTo is a simple, but special Joomla! system plugin to disable mailto function.
€19.49 * Joomla!
Google Analytics (EU Privacy) Google Analytics (EU Privacy)
A Joomla! system plugin to add the Google - Analytics (EU_Privacy comform) Tracking snipped to your site.
From €6.14 * Joomla!
Alexa Tracking PRO-Version Alexa Tracking PRO-Version
Alexa Tracking is a Joomla! system plugin to add the Alexa - Analytics Tracking code to your website.
€19.49 * Joomla!