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Admin Redirect Admin Redirect
A Joomla! System Plugin to redirect backend users after login to a specific backend URL Features Redirect Backend User to absolute URL like: index.php?option=com_content etc. Useful if you want to link directly to a component dashboard or another component.
€10.25 * Joomla!
PushUpBox PushUpBox
A lightweight jQuery based div overlay box (Modal Box) for displaying content like (html, CMS modules, etc...) over the web page. A Modal- PopUP called PushUpBox. DD_PushUpBox provides three functions for Modal actions DD_PushUpContent This function is to push custom content to the PushUpBox it expects two parameter: Parameter content the content to push as...
€0.00 * jQuery Plugin
fromSCRT_Tmpl fromSCRT_Tmpl
Minimal JS and sassy CSS (SCSS) templates for building websites from scratch like DD style! Desktop first, OpenSans, SmartResize ++ Joomla compatible! JS Features Cross Browser functions Responsive JS Smartresize (A debouncing function from John Hann...
€0.00 * Template
Joomla Shell Installer Joomla Shell Installer
A shell script to install Joomla directly from the command line. Shell Installer steps which are can taken by the script Collect user inputs like Joomla version, installation directory etc. Get the Joomla you wished from the offical gitHub repository. Creates...
€0.00 * ShellScript
ImgCopyResized ImgCopyResized
A reliable and extendable PHP method for img cropping. ImgCopyResized can be embedded as a library into web applications > do first resize, then crop image to fix width and height without losing dimension ratio in a user-friendly and simple way....
€0.00 * PHP Class