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  • HRIT10013
Shell Installer steps which are can taken by the script Collect user inputs like Joomla... more
Product information "Joomla Shell Installer" ShellScript

A shell script to install Joomla directly from the command line.


The Community-based Version with the basic functions.

Shell Installer steps which are can taken by the script

  • Collect user inputs like Joomla version, installation directory etc.
  • Get the Joomla you wished from the offical gitHub repository.
  • Creates installation directory where the installation should be placed.
  • Unzip Joomla.
  • Add jinstaller.sql a sql with custom querys to default joomla joomla.sql.
    -You can place your own sql querys to the jinstaller.sql which should be executed during installtion.
    -By default create SuperUser with Super user ACL is placed there.
  • Collect user inputs like database host, username, password, prefixe etc.
  • Installation Process for Database.
  • Set and place configuration.php.
  • Removes installation folder.

Community-Edition Support, we only give support indirectly. Only issue support via GitHub and the community!

Direct support for "Joomla Shell Installer"


config.cfg (Setup your own web directory path there)
jinstaller.sql (Setup your querys which should be executed during the sql installtion) NOTE: Change the default SuperUser login details at jinstaller.sql. The default username is admin and the password ist adminpwd. Note: For security reasons, these have to be changed!

To get it running

Just download and unzip this files to your servers shell script folder e.g. /bin etc..
Setup the config.cfg.
Adjust the jinstaller.sql

And run the script


That's all ;)