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Developer Bar - PRO-Version Developer Bar - PRO-Version
A shopware plugin with agency branding for hosted staging solutions with development sites under subdomains. Directory protection information, PHP version and Shopware version info for development sites. This runns by a defined prefix, if the prefix is in the subdomains such as dev for than it affects and the DevBar appears in the frontend, including agency branding and useful...
€19.00 * Shopware
AcyUnsubscribe [ Alpha ] AcyUnsubscribe [ Alpha ]
Overrides the AcyMailing unsubscribe function to trigger unsubscribe from any list directly after unsubscribe Link action and wihtout the acy confirm steps. Features direct unsubscribe from all mailing lists link user validation by user key custom unsubscribe success message redirect to homepage
€0.00 * Joomla!
SocialShare [ Alpha ] SocialShare [ Alpha ]
A Joomla! Backend component for EU Privacy conform social sharing. Content (com_content) social push / social auto share. Main Features / Backend Features: Share content (com_content) to social networks like (Twitter, Facebook). Prevent function to share article only once. Confirmation windows to preview posts bevor...
€0.00 * Joomla!
Admin Redirect Admin Redirect
A Joomla! System Plugin to redirect backend users after login to a specific backend URL Features Redirect Backend User to absolute URL like: index.php?option=com_content etc. Useful if you want to link directly to a component dashboard or another component.
€10.25 * Joomla!
Joomla Shell Installer Joomla Shell Installer
A shell script to install Joomla directly from the command line. Shell Installer steps which are can taken by the script Collect user inputs like Joomla version, installation directory etc. Get the Joomla you wished from the offical gitHub repository. Creates...
€0.00 * ShellScript
Disable Bootstrap Disable Bootstrap
Disable Bootstrap is a reliable and extendable Joomla! system plugin for template developers to disable Bootstrap from the front end! In the front end of Joomla! some extensions calling the function JHTML::_('behavior.tooltip'), which adds Bootstrap JavaScript to html head. To avaiod this manually by hard coding, your scripts...
€20.51 * Joomla!
Disable jQuery Disable jQuery
Disable jQuery is a Joomla! system plugin for developers to disable jQuery in the frontend! In the front end of Joomla jQuery ist loaded via the core including jQuery noconflict and jQuery migrate. With this plugin you can unset all these scripts or each one individually via the plugin...
€20.51 * Joomla!
Disable MailTo Disable MailTo
Disable MailTo is a simple, but special Joomla! system plugin to disable mailto function. Disable MailTo disables also the "recommend to a friend link" and the "recommend to a friend form" from frontend. By default, Joomla! has no option to disables these, because it comes from locked...
€19.49 * Joomla!